The Run On

This is a picture of my girlfriend and her best friend. We were going to see a really cool waterfall but my camera battery died. This is the only picture I took that day with my camera. We just used my girlfriend’s iPhone to take pictures; they turned out really nice, the iPhone has an amazing camera on it
I wanted to take a more harsh edit with this one I think it worked out
What is it about this picture that made people like it so much more than all my other one? When I took I didn’t think much about it. And realy I still don’t. Their are many of my other pictures that I like way more, ones that I put way more thought into.
Does anyone else think of Christmas when you see this? 
Their is another picture on my page that was taken in the same spot. I tried to make this one look sadder because it was taken in later in the year.
I just found this in the woods near my house.