The Run On

C Major

This is my baby!

Is this, ugly or beautiful? Its oil on the ground out side my truck. Its not mine.
I thought I looked like a superhero.  Working on the roof in class today. Its so cold.
I just felt like a srtange pisture
#Halloween 2013 #barman
What is it about this picture that made people like it so much more than all my other one? When I took I didn’t think much about it. And realy I still don’t. Their are many of my other pictures that I like way more, ones that I put way more thought into.

I love Running

Because its gotten hotter I’ve been running more, in the day time. This is a departure from what I’ve done in the past. Last year I ran at night. When I first started doing it I didn’t think much of it. I never saw anyone else except the occasional car, that’s about it. I loved it, I felt so free. On top of that it was always cool out. Though I loved the freedom I took my brother and a friend along one night. As we started they were just walking and talking. When I start running, I start running when I touch the outside. I was cool with them talking for a bit but I just wanted to start running. I turned to them and, I think I said something to the effect of “Well, see ya,” and started running. I kinda felt bad about it but I just continued to run…. Continued at AaronMillner.com