The Run On

I wanted to take a more harsh edit with this one I think it worked out
My girlfriend took this one too. She said I looked like a modle. If I didn’t still have two more years of class, I’d try to go on America’s Next Top Modle. 

These are pictures taken by my girlfriend, a few weeks ago while my friend and I were playing tennis. 

The is a picture of the girl I’m in love with. I took it on her phone. I took many that day, I like this one the most.

I felt realy good about this song when I was singing it. 

I feel realy good about this picture. I don’t know why but, when I was editing it, it just clicked. When I saved this picature I named it “Gold”. This is a picture of my kapo. It is an instrument tool that makes the guitar’s pitch change. If that was something you were just wondering.  

sinisaredhead asked: whats your fave thing about photography?

The first time I wrote an answer to this I thought it was kinda contrived. But in a nut shell; it tells a story, but every story is diffrent and unique for everyone in the audience.

marcusmillner asked: What program do you edit your pics with??

I use gimp. Don’t you have photo shop?